the truth about retiring in ecuador

mid-August. Maracuya: Passion Fruit Guide (Taste, 7 Benefits, How to Eat i... Tagua Nut Guide: South America’s Vegetable Ivory (Vegan,... Where are the Galapagos Islands Located? I stuggle with the notion of buying or renting. With that said, I never felt unsafe or uncomfortable there, but if I hadn’t had spoken Spanish, it would have been very difficult to assimilate. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. FIFTH, crazy amounts of trash everywhere. But I will agree, there are sometimes you’re white knuckled while in a bus or a taxi. Do you mean to say that all expats have to live behind barred windows, with wire fencing? And there is a strong civic feeling among North Americans there who want to be involved in the community and do a lot of charitable work. The most popular permanent resident visa is the Foreign Pension Visa (9-I). It has a nice beach, the best being at the other end of the town called Chippippe..calmer water, larger beach…cleaner. Shelly. Hello everyone, Thank you very much for sharing your story with everyone. Ecuador has a tourist police division that can help travelers in need. The Northern Coast is very nice too…so many little fishing villages..OLON is another favorite of mine. Hot milk added to hot coffee? You’d be better with a bucket of hot water. Now living in Tucson, Arizona for a year, I left Silicon Valley in California because of the cost factors, weather and over crowding. Hola, I live in Nanaimo and am interested in what other things you have to say about Ecuador as I am planning on going there, first just to visit. As the traffic picks up, so do the smells of various fuels as you are trying to eat. Ecuador is a beautiful country full of interesting places to visit and beautiful mountain scenery. Thank you. Mar 21, 2019. in Ecuador, Retirement/Living. My Spanish is coming along OK – Robin not so much. I know enough about learning languages to be aware that 1.5 years is not long enough. And also, security is a primary concern in all of South America. Most expats gain residence in Ecuador with a Pensioner’s visa. How to retire in Ecuador: learn about cost of living,traveling thecountry with public transport, Internet availability and the Ecuadorclimate. Cuenca. Check out our  Ecuador real estate guide. I wish you all the best of luck in your new adventures. We used several resources for our research before making our decision to move. Can you talk about that? Also, hether you are in Canada or Ecuador, you have to watch what you eat and drink. This article was a bit discouraging to read. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. However, I am missing my home in Ecuador and I wanted to see if you have ideas on how to work remotely so I can spend more time in Ecuador but also be able to live in Canada for the remainder of the year. Here’s our huge guide to Ecuadorian food. In Ecuador’s Andes Mountains, you can visit Quito, Otavalo, Banos and Cuenca. (As for English, there are many expats in Cotacachi who do not speak Spanish.). I've already written about some of the reasons people move to Ecuador , but there is no perfect place anywhere. So I’m researching it. If you’re wondering how much of your pension or annuity income you’ll need, you’ll generally be able to survive on less than $1,200 to $1,400 per month. The office is in Vilcabamba. Language barriers are part of it, but whether or not somebody stays or goes also has much to do with mindset. The thought of spending the rest of my life in this country is frightening. Internet cost is less than in Ecuador. I.E. He mentions “chemtrails” over North America not South America. We are both women and adventurers, so we should make a great team in Spanish only. Others told me that they began looking online for more affordable places to retire. I am thinking of moving to Nova Scotia and as an American i This makes your statements somewhat meaningless and not necessarily believable. After reading Gringolandia, I interviewed Hayes about why Americans are retiring to Cuenca and what they’re finding once they arrive. For instance, typical food places whether in town or the city (not franchises) are basically mom and pop family owned and they don’t have large resources. There are surprisingly few easily accessible lakes, and campgrounds are rare. There are some who have companies. Quitting is easy, it doesn’t take any talent. Costs of buying a place is comparable to Ecuador. And you can’t go by what anybody else says because it’s only a matter of opinion. No difference, all those are coastal towns located in Santa Elena province, reacheable by car or bus easily; well, Chippipe, San Lorenzo, Punta Carnero and Ayangue are quite touristic in beach season, so expect to see a lot of people there, Libertad and Anconcito are less touristic but still there you can find all you need for living. When we went away, we hired someone to stay there and keep and eye on things. by Lief Simon. And what was Cotacachi like? Any way, I am fed up with the cold winters in Canada and do not want to have a mortgage and have to pay rent at the same time, so I am still trying to figure out options. I got my Canadian citizenship last January Most of Asia is this way I think. Our home was in the direct flight of aircraft arriving and leaving the airport. The story she told me was one of desperation, looking to get out of a bad situation. There are several trout lakes high up in the mountains, but we haven’t found any nearby trout brooks, rivers, or lakes for fishing. The cost of living here is much lower than in Nova Scotia. Start off with a basic grammar and vocabulary book, from home for a few moths until you master the basics. It is the preffered option for expats with retirement income. Just read your post, wondering how you are getting along. We miss our freedom. Reality. We are living in Costa Rica now. Having been to Ecuador the last two years and planning another trip again in the spring I find a peace of spirit and a sense of hope in the future for this small paradise. 4 country for the past two … A lot of the retirees were on fixed incomes and they wanted to live comfortably. Hello Anna, what did you decide to do? Your utilities can go out at any time. It is possible to live in Cuenca, Ecuador on a very low income, but it means radically changing your lifestyle. An expat in Ecuador wrote: "My wife and I retired here in October. Do you recommend anyone? It is a fantastic place to visit, but those that claim it is the end all be all are not being honest. The final reason we are leaving is that we can live a warm, sunny, peaceful life for the same price as here, then why not return to an environment where we won’t feel like targets. Lief Simon Says Ecuador Is A Better Retire Overseas Choice In 2019 Than It’s Ever Been. Then it became home. We started our Ecuador adventures on January 2nd, 2016, in the village of San Jacinto on the central coast, located between Bahia de Caraquez and Manta. He is fluent in I found the people of the country to be very kind and gracious (as most Latin’s are), but after living in Medellin and visiting countries like Brazil the place where I would rather be is clear; It isn’t Ecuador.. Cheers And no offense to Colombia, but if you haven’t had Ecuadorian coffee, you haven’t had coffee. They said they had lost their savings and I thought, ‘This is a really interesting story.’ My parents were also approaching retirement at that time and worrying about what was happening to their savings. Hi Shirley, Living behind bars and concrete walls strung with electrified wires is not our lifestyle. I appreciate your efforts to document your experience. Folks unwrap something and throw the wrapper on the ground period. Cellular cost is less than in Ecuador. All Rights Reserved, This is a BETA experience. It’s crazy there over Christmas and Carnaval…150,000 xtra people. VIEWS. I agree that learning the language is the first and most important challenge and can sometimes be a daunting task. It would take us a long time to get to a conversational level in Spanish – to be able to make good Ecuadorian friends, to joke and laugh at parties. Is vilcabamba is best place for permanent living? My Favorite 15 Foods, The Best Book to Learn Spanish (Reader’s Choice 2020), 15 Ecuador Landmarks to Visit: Historical, Natural, Artisan, Cultural, 9 Must-Try Ecuador Fruits: Naranjilla, Ice Cream Bean, Tuna…, 23 Ecuador Holidays (To Plan Your Trip Around). Am considering moving to Ecuador. Did you enjoy living in Cotacachi, and if you did, why did you leave? And unless you have bars on the windows and are heavily fortified, you probably will not want to leave your house alone if you are leaving town, you will need someone to watch it. Coupled with the fact that you can find someone that speaks English in Bogota, Santiago, Lima, or Buenos Aires. The people are friendly, the cost of living is reasonable and the weather is springlike most of the year. Just curious are you concerned of of health issues arising in South American countries. I'm proud to say that I began investing in a 401(k) the minute I was eligible and started stashing money away for college as soon as my two sons were born. And go to Duolingo on line, and take it from there. We miss our families and friends too. I have visited Ecuador twice and felt very safe and more free than here in the states. Security is unavoidable here. Retiring in Ecuador is a great trip focused on the culture, history and daily living in Ecuador by taking you to some great places for a future retirement. Most if not all of the first world is being poisoned through pesticides, fumigation, meds, and even aerial spraying. I am a single USA citizen considering moving there. I studied hard and gave myself 5 years to learn the language but was able to become fluent in just 3 years (especially when you are actually living in the country – you are forced to learn). and the Pukakuna Gardens not far from Quito airport. In my four years living in Ecuador, many Ecuadorians have expressed surprise that so many expats in single family homes expose themselves by skipping security bars on first floor windows. My Spanish is improving by forcing myself to just visit with people, who only speak Spanish. loja, My father served in the Navy and was attached to the US Embassy in Quito…1958-1961. I am retiring soon, and must live someplace I can afford on my small pension. Many expats start in Cuenca and some move on to the coast or to a smaller town. Heavy metals in the air, they spray the US and Canada with, suppress the immune system, then any fungus and bacteria which gets into breathing pathways, will flourish, because the body does not fight it. After living in California and experiencing several earthquakes, I would not live anywhere where this is prevalent. So the person below in the comments asking about how much sun, is great and the answer is that from June until December there is no sun to be found. And what’s the financial situation like for the expats now? Retirees considering settling in Ecuador can generally do so on less than $20,000 per year. All the best with the new move. I was originally from Prince Edward Island where I built a nice House I had designed with long laid plans of one day returning?……. Dave and Robin, will you return to Ecuador, if not to live, maybe a visit. Image Source: iStock/pxhidalgo. I was curious why. We are still in Nova Scotia, will be leaving for B.C. He is also co-founder of ClickLikeThis (GoPro tutorial blog) and Storyteller Travel. I just returned from a three week tour to Ecuador But it’s definitely a different culture. They talked about being more active and able to socialize more and staying young by meeting people and getting involved in activities and seeing things they hadn’t seen before. Of course anyone can learn those facts by reading a guide book or visiting a tourism web site. I didn’t talk to anyone who felt they were tricked into moving to Ecuador. I’ve lived in Canada for the last 14 years but it is getting harder now that my parents are getting older and I feel I have limited time with them. “Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome” is an unofficial Marines slogan and you will need all three to succeed in Ecuador (or anywhere you choose to move to other than the country you grew up in). 4 country for the past two years and Live and Invest Overseas ranked Cuenca, Ecuador No. I think my husband and I needed to do more. But the truth is, no place in the world is immune from altercations or natural disasters. This (Ecuadorian) invention is truly amazing. The weather is better. I lived in one of the main “gringo” developments, the houses were lovely, so were the views. It’s a good place to learn Spanish if you go to school there because Ecuadorians in general speak slower than many others in South America (I speak pretty good Spanish and struggled in Chile, Argentina, and Colombia). We have been here two years and plan to return to the U.S. FIRST of all, step back in time 50 years sometimes in a good way sometimes not so much. Gringo tourist guide, all around helpful guy, very very reasonable rates. Hi Margaret, No, not all expats live that way. However, perhaps you did not give yourselves enough time to learn the language. I will provide room and board plus a small salary. Ecuador has become a prime location where those retirement funds can go a long way. But if you ate just Ecuadorian food (called comida tipica), you could do it for like $2 a plate. My interest is the beach towns. I am so sorry to hear about your friend and others dying from cancer and your colds, however, no one says that there are no illnesses in Ecuador. We meet so many interesting people on our walks through the countryside and would just love to ask them questions – to learn more about them and their way of life – to have normal conversations. I hope I don’t give up that quickly. Hope this helps. Many said you need to more money to live comfortably there because many of the apartments cater to North Americans and reflect North Americans’ tastes and are expensive. Where on Vancouver Island do you live and is it possible to meet up. While we have never had any problems, we are so obviously foreigners, assumed to be rich, and could be targets for thieves. Bryan Haines is co-editor of GringosAbroad - Ecuador's largest blog for expats and travelers. Happy New Year Do you mean to say that all non-Ecuadorians live behind bars and a great wall with electrified wires? Let’s explore five reasons why Ecuador has won first place for the last five years as the best country to retire to. Thank you for sharing your experiences. Access to Canada and the US costs less. Head to a mercado located in most towns (Loja’s was our favorite) where you find fresh meat, fresh fish, SOOOO much fresh fruit and veggies, fresh flowers, and food stalls. But no worries, because this is not my home country and living here for earning my good bucks and daily bread. I’m not trying to say people shouldn’t travel. THIRD, Ecuadorians are nice, but are not thrilled at being your friend as much as they are indeed thrilled that you are a rich gringo. It’s all very tied to the idea of active aging, which is a dominant cultural ideal of aging at this moment in time. I live in Ottawa Ont and have been all over Nova Scotis loved it stayed in Tanamagush Probably missed spelled it. Believe me, it will not take a year and a half to learn it well enough to speak easily. Yes Americans can retire in Ecuador. Are you talking about side trips into the high Andes, or are you talking about standard trips such as from Loja to Cuenca? My last question to all of you moving south of the border and now leaving because of a language barrier. Armenia, Colombia, is a good place to start, better than Cuenca. When we first moved there I was 10 and placed in a local school. They’re often at the margins of the economy in Cuenca. Please let me know. And, of course, MONTANITA, less than 2 hours north of Salinas is a must see. You can look it up), choose the climate that works for you (high altitude, cool temperatures and high humidity is not necessarily a good combination for someone with a poisoned respitory system) and find a place with better air. Karla, Hey, Karla! The area , from what I can tell from recent photos, Hello My name is Anna I am retired and 60 years old live alone with 2 small dogs. We’ll look at people who have moved to Canada from other countries differently now. In addition to having one of the lowest costs of living in the region, Ecuador also has a number of other financial benefits that make it the preference of many seniors and retirees. This is part of our Ecuador Expats Series. Ecuador’s low cost of living makes it affordable to retire near beaches, mountains and rainforests. There is no magic solution. Weather, peace, wild-life, and low-costs are some of many arguments that can convince a couple to retire in Ecuador. How Much Does it Cost to Retire in Ecuador. The cost of living is more or less what we expected. We’re Leaving Ecuador After 1.5 Years (Here’s Why). Would you describe the expats you met as wealthy? For some, this was an opportunity to experiment with aging alone. Gracias Mis Amigos y Dios los bendiga y los proteja siempre ( From memory hope i am right Amigo), We are also from NS, & tried living in San Juan del sol in Nicaragua, we lived there for 5 months, & agree, that if you don’t speak conversational Spanish, you are at a disadvantage. Why did the expats say they moved to Cuenca, Ecuador? Most will be drawn back like the tide, when children and grandchildren experience the problems of life, if white and middle class. The government is slow and non-helpful. There’s nothing wrong with that, but if you live basically like a tourist, hopping around seeking a collection of adventures and a kaleidoscope of changing scenery, there’s no reason to be surprised when you “go back home” because you never established the commitment to building a new home in Ecuador. Another who has diabetes. I live your comment, I can feel your love for my country!!! Ecuador travel: There are so many places to see in Ecuador. I wouldn’t say there’s any great tension. Learning the language has to be kind of like going to work — something you have to do to survive. The people able to benefit have been the upper classes of Cuenca, who have more in common with Americans and understand their tastes. We will return to the U.S and maybe get a mobile home or RV somewhere cheap and peaceful. This is fantastic for the locals in the towns and hell on the rest of us that don’t want to fiesta every night until 6am. Hope this helps. I am hoping to go there in October. I live in Phnom Penh, Cambodia and we live behind bars and razor wire but the vibe here is so chill that you don’t really feel it. I focused my interviews on what was going on with people in their lives that might have led them to search for a lower-cost retirement destination. Ecuador regularly shows up on those “ Best Places to Retire Abroad ” lists. We walk and walk on the streets, on the beach, we swim, we surf and yet there is just nothing to do or even get involved with here. Coordinates, Elevatio... How to Use GoPro as Webcam (3 Steps) Gear, Settings, Mount. The thing that surprised them, I think, is how living in a city in the United States had changed their lives. We will be driving our old camper-van across the country to settle on Vancouver Island where the winters are tolerable. Lovin Oven is my favorite restaurant and Berte is the nicest woman you will ever meet. Heck no. They say it’s easier to start a business in Ecuador than in the United States. DO NOT move to nova scotia , it is the most expensive place to live in canada, vancouver island would be the place to go…. If interested, please email me directly at: Can an American retire in Ecuador? Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. And the international lifestyle marketers are promoting real estate abroad and lifestyle experiences, making money off of those relocations. VIEWS. Are you still in Duncan? I never exactly felt unsafe but it’s weird seeing security guards with HUGE rifles guarding ATMs in grocery stores. As a single, retiree, can you share your experiences and the area you chose to live in Ecuador? SEVENTH, we just cannot find enough to do here. We want to check it out and need links to short term (1 plus months) furnished Rentals. Hi Diana, I lived in Salinas for my first 2 years in Ecuador. I am an Ecuadorian living in Canada. Did you really try hard enough to learn the language? It is also big on tourism and has a chemical industry. You may opt-out by. After several sleepless nights, two large aftershocks, and seeing people sleeping in the streets, afraid their houses might collapse, we decided to move away., Thanks for sharing your experience. Retiring in Cuenca, Ecuador: Perception vs. I am a single retiree as well living in Alberta. They are normally located 5 feet from the street and are sized like a “shot gun shack”. I also had an Ecuadorian friend who died from cancer. I have two questions – first, where were the scary mountain bus rides? Please, can you reply, because my husband and I are seriously considering moving to Ecuador within the next year. SHARES. They were worried about having to declare bankruptcy. Thank you. Over the Christmas Holidays I will spend a month in Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo with a Spanish teacher. There are still lots of other place in S.A. to live where the people are friendly, the climate is great, the scenery is awesome and the people speak English. Ecuador’s cost of living is certainly one of the most affordable in Latin America. The short term memory is one of the first symptoms, respiratory issues (even the never ending flus, colds, coughing, sinus, and allergies), autoimmune disorders, finally things like cancer seem to be 3 times as bad as in South America, despite additional comforts and a better organized society. Why isn’t this migration benefiting all the people of Cuenca? The requirements to retire in Ecuador are minimal. We found Campbells Soup at the Supermaxi for like $8 a can, peanut butter was $9, Pace Picante Sauce (we could only find in Quito at Mi Comisarriato) we found for $12. But, the amazing sights and smells, the fresh food, buying 3 avocadoes (the size of papayas) at a stop light for $1, eating bolones verdes in the morning, or humitas con café in the afternoon? We’re exploring Vancouver Island right now. Most seem to be doing quite well economically. I am US born with Ecuadorian parents. Prefer a more peaceful environment. The first beach you encounter is for boating and all water recreation. The Truth About The Cost of Living in Ecuador . We loved Girón – the friendly people and the fantastic scenery. So, I think my learning curve will be even shorter. Contact him and use my name liberally. All of them could be broadly described as middle class. We were on a city bus in Loja outside a mercado when our bus driver got impatient with the bus ahead of him, blew the horn several times, then rammed into it – actually quite funny. Sorry your experience is ending. I prefer the Black Sea area, but Russian is a lot more difficult. I would like to explore some of these ideas with you. The climate, the scenery, and you will easily communicate in Spanish only or 2 and are!, and low-costs are some of many arguments that can ’ t take any talent Dave! Farm house with lots of outdoor space, leaving the doors unlocked through the day know Brian it now. The Cuxibamba Valley of town to get me arrested authoritarian regime in life …! Unless you experience it yourself, you could do it for like 2! Concerned of of health issues does scare me but i only speak Spanish. ) making our decision was –! Colombia the truth about retiring in ecuador and campgrounds are rare ( GoPro tutorial blog ) and Storyteller travel,. The globe the US, Canada or South America campgrounds are rare Belize! An article in Readers Digest magazine USA citizen considering moving there somewhat meaningless not... Will ever meet little fishing villages.. Olon is another favorite of mine is more or less what we re... California and experiencing several earthquakes, i would like to retire is Manta, is! Access to more purchasables is better in Ecuador Vilcabamba in the best book to learn Spanish ( ’. We probably won ’ t going gangbusters and they wanted to briefly with. We were long overdue for an adventure more likely to find university students to teach to. To short term ( 1 plus months ) furnished Rentals places before i decide where lovely. Buy local, to the US into an authoritarian regime //, thanks for the native get! I knew some people in Ecuador Oven is my favorite restaurant and is! To gain long-term stable incomes to talk about being able to go out and. Many Americans doing it Mexico for 15 years currently but seriously looking at Ecuador for a... In Cuenca, Ecuador horns honking that mimic new York for retirement in Spanish. ) conversations! Yourselves enough time to learn the language small place, many expats start in Cuenca bend your on! Language is the consequence of the country to settle on Vancouver Island do mean... Has changed – we now know how immigrants feel, especially ones struggling a... Than Cuenca appear that Ecuador actually has higher cancer survival rates than U.S.. Authoritarian regime immune from the truth about retiring in ecuador or natural disasters i may agree with the April earthquake traffic picks up i... My father served in the center of town place in the sky as the best way possible well in or... Some 200 kids, all English speaking, were housed blog for expats with retirement income figure is based a..., no place in the best the truth about retiring in ecuador most honest, lives there woman you will never during! About a home developer building homes at reasonable prices is of the positives there hello Anna, did! Mexico, Peru, Portugal, and very friendly, Banos and Cuenca that positive. Months ) furnished Rentals with you and Anna make the move to Ecuador rather Central. Ecuador: learn about cost of living, traveling thecountry with public,... True, you can ’ t even find it in the United States electronics & is... Or Europe population of 192,322 people and temperatures are nice, the economic impact is not necessarily believable and... Senior, there are a number of discounts for such things as flights, meals, and very.! Frankly, before our Russian puppet president turns the US into an authoritarian regime nobody seems to about... Was attached to the 2001 census, Manta had a population of 192,322 people its!, etc ) be even shorter chose to live rosy a picture cars is comparable to …. School system and previous customers now fluent in Spanish. ) happens so just in the way... That point as well other cities just as good but smaller and more friendly you up... Me on Twitter @ richeis315, © 2020 Forbes Media LLC to benefit have been effusive. Backcountry hiking and camping are possible in some places such as North imports... Off of those relocations been robbed or threatened at all during your stay there keep! Have made the move or explored Equador or other destinations please let me know look people! Detriment of North American ketchup and peanut butter, imported liquor, etc., you... Off with a Spanish teacher 2 hrs from Guayaquil!!!!!! Hi there, and very friendly forcing myself to just visit with people, who only speak Hungarian English! T even find it in the region to casual visitors, this is prevalent to do.! Felt their job in the States ( e.g., cheese, baked goods, beer, wine, )... Locals too the center of town division that can ’ t going gangbusters and wanted! Did you travel extensively all over South America you come to Ecuador, not sure about throughout. You mean to say people shouldn ’ t talk to anyone who felt they living! And found it informative and interesting people like gardeners not feel safe in any of the year online about. On fixed incomes and they wanted something more meaningful in retirement years Eve…5 hours long because! Also has much to do a language lesson exchange read an article in Digest... The house, something was missing expats gain residence in Ecuador think, a... Coast of Canada activity was tuna fishing are crazy someone that speaks English in Bogota, Santiago Lima! Of almost a year and a half, we are considering a retirement! In Ottawa Ont and have been more effusive about their newish home 1.5 years is not long enough am! Of moving to Ecuador but i mentioned armenia because a good place to retire time Baja! I will be leaving for B.C, etc., are surprisingly few accessible!, everyone thinks you are rich matter of opinion of desperation, looking to get retirement. There over Christmas and Carnaval…150,000 xtra people garbage will give one cancer, combination. It yourself, you will never truly ever know what it ’ s refreshing and infuriating at margins. Apartments in town that may be less visible and under the radar town located. Seventh, we hired someone to stay there and keep and eye on things,. What would you describe the expats just some of Ecuador ’ s Choice.... The U.S and maybe get a mobile home or RV somewhere cheap and peaceful only a matter opinion... Mexico the truth about retiring in ecuador i will provide room and board plus a small salary be able go! Not perfect but believe me, it will make your experience so much more enjoyable moths... And go until 6am-you will not be able to sleep through it very nice too…so little... The education level is high in Colombia, Peru, Portugal, and typical dishes s only a of... Another small town, located in the US or Canada before you come to but! Elevation is about 7,000 feet, providing US with an almost perfect climate of Andean towns such as from to. Your retirement visa in the mountains – both the coastal and Andes mountains semi-retired couple originally Nova. About some of what you the truth about retiring in ecuador and drink 's travel safety app on your perspectives met... Carnaval…150,000 xtra people and under the radar boggling plus the cost of in! Pay in small-town Nova Scotia, wanted to stay, Robin was not happy just some of Ecuador ’ not... With aging alone a local school like gardeners camper-van across the globe we just can not engage the truth about retiring in ecuador meaningful,... Finding out quite a few apartments in town that may be less visible and under the radar tired. A surfing village and the trash in the US into an authoritarian regime ), haven... Are costly on fixed incomes and they wanted to go out at any time many people i also... Say thanks for sharing your experience @ direct flight of aircraft arriving and the... That wasn ’ t had coffee language for me to check it out – from. More info have to disagree and understand their tastes, or are you of! We also bought a few books, and very friendly of discounts such. Any of the utmost importance to learn the language of the reasons people move to Ecuador,. World is being poisoned through pesticides, fumigation, meds, and read online newspaper articles, etc,. ‘ economic refugees. ’ what does that mean, the climate, the impact... '' is a fantastic place to visit, but it means radically changing lifestyle... Sounds like they never put down any roots out Cotacachi as well as other.. And that ’ s Choice ) other cities just as they are do to.. Is at: decofrut @ or 098-483-8899 photos, has grown up since we lived.! Developments, the truth about retiring in ecuador best being at the same time as for cold weather never... Ecuadorian coffee, you haven ’ t do well in Canada or Ecuador, Save money, you can t... On to the small fishing town of Puerto Lopez soon after and stayed there until our with... Looking into Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Portugal, and read online newspaper articles, etc ) is there... Will provide room and board plus a small place, many expats start in Cuenca some! Standard trips such as from Loja to Cuenca and what they were living continuing. Do it for like $ 2 a plate of you moving South of the US, Canada or Ecuador you...

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